Chromebooks: Broken, Lost or Stolen

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How do I handle a broken Chromebook?

*NOTE: ALL damaged or broken chromebooks must have a fine assessed. Upon review, fines may be waived either in partial or in full at the discretion of site administration. IT, TSS’s, & CLS’s are not responsible for deciding fault on damaged chromebooks. Site administration should be the arbitrators of any and all damage to chromebooks.

  1. Check in the damaged/defective Chromebook(s) using the Destiny Resource View. *Please note that checking in a Chromebook automatically sets its status to “Available.”

  2. Do not change it from “Available.” Even though you may be sending the chromebook to IT for repair, setting the status to anything else will not allow you to transfer the resource.

  3. Record any fines for damage/loss in Destiny and PowerSchool following the same school procedures as damaged/lost textbooks. Please refer to the pricelist on the IT Helpdesk website.

  4. If there is damage found, please notify and document the appropriate person or department at your school site so that a billing letter can be sent to the student’s parents/guardians.

  5. Add Notes in Destiny regarding the status/damage/technical issue that the chromebook has encountered(e.g. Broken screen, trackpad no longer working.) Notes should also include fine issuance and an IT Helpdesk ticket number if needed to reference additional details on the chromebook issue/damage.

  6. Use Destiny Resource Manager to Transfer Resources of the damaged device to Information Technology. NOTE: At this time, only the CLS has access rights to transfer resources.

  7. Create a Helpdesk ticket that includes: serial number, damage or defect, whether a fine was administered or waived.

  8. Package chromebook for interoffice mail pickup and ship to IT

How do I handle a lost or stolen Chromebook?

  1. Stolen chromebooks require a police report added to Notes in Destiny when inputting fines.

  2. Site administration will administer a fine if the chromebook was found to be stolen because of student negligence.

  3. A Helpdesk ticket should be created for all Lost / Stolen Chromebooks in order to disable them from further use.

  4. Record any fines in Destiny / Powerschool. Please refer to the pricelist on the IT Helpdesk website.

  5. If a chromebook is found: Report immediately to IT for re-enabling. Also report to police if previously reported stolen.

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