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There is a two step process for creating HTML emails using CloudHQ: designing the template in DreamWeaver and creating the shared CloudHQ version of each template.

Designing the Template in DreamWeaver

File Hosting

Files are currently being hosted using Google Drive. The specific Google Drive folder permission must be set to "On - Anyone with the link". 

  • Current Folder: WebMaster Google Drive => Email Announcements => Public Email Files
    • Folder includes "Shared Resources". This folder contains the HUSD IT logo and Notification header images.

Hosted File Link

Right click on a hosted image to get the shareable link from Google Drive. The link will look like:

The highlighted text is the specific image id.

For inserting these hosted images in an HTML document use an image tag as follows:

<img src="" width="600" alt="Notification" border="0" align="center" style="width: 100%; max-width: 600px; height: auto;">

Notice the source URL is slightly different from Google Drive Shareable link.

DreamWeaver Files

Design the HTML files as necessary.

Key modifications:

  • Modify "PreHeader Text". This will not be visible in the email body, however will be visible in Gmail before receipeants open the message.
  • Add email intended audience.
  • Add HUSD email disclaimer.
  • Current Folder: WebMaster Google Drive => Email Announcements
    • The folder contains the raw html files from DreamWeaver for: Announcement - Network, Announcement - Social Sense, and Announcement - Web Services. These are not necessarily shared publicly. These are used to modify the existing CloudHQ templates and create new templates.

Creating the CloudHQ Templates

Login to CloudHQ

Create an account and login to CloudHQ.

Creating a new Template

Open the template in DreamWeaver. Copy the HTML code.

Compose a new email. Click "Edit as HTML". Paste the HTML code from DreamWeaver. 

Save template.

Template Sharing

Compose a new email. Click "Insert Template" then "Browse Templates".

Click the "My Templates" tab, then click "Share My Templates" at the bottom of the window.

The new recipient will get an email to accept sharing. It might take 10-15 minutes for the templates to become available for each new user.

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