If your chromebook automatically boots into the "recovery mode" (or the screen with the Yellow exclamation point) hit "tab" on your keyboard. You should get a screen that looks like the one below. Look for "recovery_reason". Under the picture below, there is a list of recovery reasons and what they mean. 


  • “recovery button pressed” - Means the esc+refresh+power was hit and the process was not continued. Continue the regular wipe process to fix. (esc + refresh + power)

  • No bootable storage device found in system- hardware failure, send the chromebook to the  I.T Department so that we can send it to Dell to get it fixed/replaced.

  • No bootable Kernel found on disk - re-install os with a USB bootable flashdrive (see solution Create Recovery Image)

  • TPM Error in read-only firmware:

 The way you reset the TPM is by doing the following steps:

  1. Power on the Chromebook and leave it on for approx. 30 sec

  2. Then turn it off by holding the "power" button down for approx. 7 seconds

  3. When the Chromebook is off, wait a couple seconds and push the power button once to turn back on

  4. Repeat Steps 1-3. Could take up to approx. 20-25 times to clear the TPM but so far I have seen it work in only 6 times.

  • 0x05 - SSD Fail

  • 0x48 - bad recovery image